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I am a comic creator, writer, and artist! I do take commissions, and I am part of the glorious Cornucopia Studios, which I run with my darling Tsutsumi.

My best known comic is Incubus Tales. Please do check it's free!  Smile It is intended for mature audiences only.

My Comics

Incubus Tales - The story of Dhiar, an Incubus shopkeeper, and his many adventures! (updated Tuesday and Friday)

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Blog: My Fundraiser!

n Hello!


n I've just started up a fundraiser to help defer the bulk of a friend's essential medical costs. He will literally die if he doesn't get surgery, and soon, and I decided that I wasn't about to accept I started an anthology project to raise funds!


n You can find out more about it here:


n We're not just looking for donations, we're also open to more participants! We'd especially love to see short comics, but whatever you can do will be a huge help to the project. And we'd still be delighted with just a signal boost, spreading the word as much as you can. We're also happy to have you participate if you'd like to just offer commissions and donate a portion to the fundraiser. Please help! There's more details on the website, and specifics for participants here:


n Deadline for submissions is 30 November 2013.


n Thanks so much in advance. I will be absolutely grateful for any help!




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